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Purchase Process

How it Works

You've selected your Hot Tub or Spa and are ready to make your purchase, wonderful!

See the steps below so you know what to expect from ordering to delivery.

Select & Secure Your Spa

Once you've picked the hot tub or spa you that's for you its time to start the purchasing process. To make sure someone else doesn't buy your tub we require a 50% deposit. The tub or spa is marked as sold and allows you 10 business days to finalize your purchase. 

If your purchase isn't finalized within the allotted time we'll do our best to work with you; however, another customer may be able to purchase the unit.

Customizing & Delivery

After you've paid your deposit we may need time to get your tub ready for delivery. Adding new surround, paint, or sealants--each tub is different! Some units are ready to go while others may have options on surround enclosure colour or upgrades to equipment.


Payment in full is due a minimum of 2 days before delivery is scheduled.


Driveway delivery is always available; contact us for an installation quote!


Service, Warranty & More...

All units carry a (1) year parts & labour warranty. Warranty service calls are scheduled as soon as a technician is available and we'll work with you to troubleshoot any issues. We're here to support you! Please refer to your warranty information for more information. Request a service call here or give us a call.

Need a new cover, jets, parts, or pillows? We can help you order accessories with delivery right to your door!


Custom-ordered items such as hot tub covers, electronics and specialty parts are non-refundable. Shipping/delivery/installation fees are not refundable.

For more information on our policies click here.

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